The Circle Theory

Character Design, Illustration, Print

The Circle Theory

I saw clouds above our earth, but the sun kissed the sand and the water ate all the rain.

The Circle Theory

The mind is its own place and occasionally quicksand for the insane or the exceptionally gifted as you can find similar traces in those apparently different worlds. To walk alone in a state of naked existence, becoming aware of the slow dance of swirling lights, there you thread a story around the shell of an egg and imbibe it into your being. The void is the safest place to be. We all come from it and we return to it. A fair trade for an endless journey of shifting shapes. It becomes you, you become it, proving the illusory nature of fortune`s wheel. Now let me paint you a thousand words, close your eyes and enjoy the spinning. In the end I shall be the fire mirroring into your ocean.


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