Bethlen-Haller Coat of Arms


Bethlen-Haller Coat of Arms

Somewhere in central Transylvania, on a solitary hill overlooking the surrounding farmlands and vineyards, there’s a centuries-old French Renaissance castle built in 1560 by then Chancellor Bethlen Miklos. Not one hundred years later it was morphed by the sweeping tide of the Baroque style and, over time, each owner left a mark of his own. The Bethlen-Haller Castle now serves as a special wine tasting space for the Jidvei winery, as well as being the emblem of their company. 
Bethlen Haller Castle - Wikipedia
Bethlen-Haller Coat of Arms -
A number of original elements are being preserved. One of them is a stone carved with the what is known as the Castle’s coat of arms. 
Our team’s assignment was to recreate this emblem and the design of the information panel that sits at the entrance of the Castle.
Illustration | Cristina Ștefan
Graphic Design | Mihai Velcescu, Kraftmark

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