Life Journal Overture

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Life Journal Overture


Life Journal Overture

My daily journal is a sketchbook. Actually, there are 4 different kinds of sketchbooks that I`m holding close, to use for various mediums.

There is no mistake in sketching. It is a playground, a place where a bear can easily become a zebra, a mocking bird a cat and your buddy a flying horse(or simply a unicorn). Like writing, sketching should be part of everyone`s daily routine. It doesn`t have to be perfect or accurate and you don`t need any special skills. It just has to be a way to release yourself, thoughts and creativity.

Bellow are some personal examples of sketches done in various mediums. More posts about sketching, sketchbooks/journals will follow, each focusing on a specific technique.


Ink me into your soul

I love ink. It is expressive and it will be your best friend for ever once you understand it and know how to use it.

Watercolor me

With all your pores. Watercolors are like your mother`s womb: you don`t even remember having been there but you know that was the safest place to be. Sketches in watercolors are bliss.

Also, mixing them with ink might result in something interesting. Just play with them.

Graphite Love. Everyday in the morning

I`m a voracious morning person and first thing I love doing after waking up(with a cup of coffee in my hand) is sketching.

Whatever comes in your mind, just put it on the paper.

Oil pastels and we`re golden

Those are like judge and jury. At first they seem to judge your skill of understanding and blending the colors. They are hard to control but just pick them and use them. Remember, there is no mistake in sketching. Those are some strong vivid colors that will teach you how to befriend them.

Last but not least, colored pencils.



I hope you enjoyed. Now grab a notebook and get creative. 🙂

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