Horse Tales

Drawing, Illustration, Painting

Horse Tales

Horses have a special place in my heart, life, in my way of being. They have a rare combination of nobility, royalty, strength and humbleness in their posture.

My grandfather was a blacksmith and, basically, most of the time we were surrounded by horses. Observing them, I started to feel the urge to bring them closer, to capture their spirit and to imbibe it in my own nature. I instinctively started to shape my feelings and thoughts about them in different mediums (like drawing, painting, molding clay).  It was like discovering a new dimension, different from my known universe by then. It felt like I have discovered a new set of pillars of creation. I was the captain of a ship passing through an event horizon, striving to understand the creative and destructive forces inside this newly discovered realm.

This is my story in a nutshell.

So here it is, my first step-by-step watercolor painting video starring a pair of horses (of course), a piece from the “Horse Tales” series.

Music by my wonderful sister Andra Ștefan (Soundcloud / YouTube).

I can`t express in words how much I enjoyed doing this.


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