Endangered Tails Sketches&Thoughts

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Endangered Tails Sketches&Thoughts


Endangered Tails Sketches

“Endangered Tails” is a project about (more or less) endangered species from Romania, be it animals, birds and plants, species that, in many cases, deserve more than humans to be on this planet. These are some sketches of what will become a series of digitally illustrated species in a fun, a bit surreal and cartoonish way.  The intention is to raise awareness upon the phrase “The natural world, whose wonders enhance our lives, and upon which our survival depends, is being rubbed out with horrible speed.”(source).

The future illustrations will be used as prints for both t-shirts and canvases. Here is an example.

The Carpathian Deer

These guys are having some serious problems with hunters. I`ll never understand people that hang (dead) deer heads in their houses.


The Lynx

The Eurasian one, a medium sized kitty and wikipedia says  it is “the third largest predator in Europe after the brown bear and the grey wolf”. Well, that`s something.


The Chamois

A goat-antelope, extensively hunted for its meat and fur. This one is actually finished as a digital illustration (click me). And that flower is a quick sketch of an edelweiss, a rare and beautiful mountain flower (1800-3000 m altitude), protected in many countries.


The Huchen

Or Danube Salmon, is a large species of freshwater fish in the salmon family and the remaining population in the Danube basin is threatened by overfishing and habitat loss. Looks like it is that kind of water beast that gave birth to a myth of which I`ve found from a beautiful romanian fiction story (The Huchen, Vasile Voiculescu).


The enchanted fish.


The Brown Bear & Marbled Polecat

From I`ve learned that bears are relevant management indicators for a series of other wild species, therefore they are of high priority in conservation. Also, that interesting little fellow, the marbled polecat, is protected in most countries across its range.


And these were the first sketches. I`m planning to add some more species on the list. Any suggestions? Use the comment box bellow. ^_^

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